(Listed excursion schedule and price list)


Please read the following General Terms and Conditions carefully before signing up for one of our organized trips. The Terms list the rights and obligations of both yours and ours, pursuant to Presidential Decree 339/1996.


Our agency under the name Gerogiannakis Marina and the distinctive title IPIPETIS TRAVEL… is located at 15 Amaltheias Street in Heraklion, acting as an intermediary for the traveler and all others involved in the excursion.


In order to subscribe to one of our excursions, a) a prerequisite is the unconditional acceptance of the terms herein, and b) an advance payment equal to 30% of its value. Telephone or other bookings not accompanied by such advance deposit do not bind the office. The balance must be paid before departure. In the event of cancellation, the right to participate can be transferred to another person, as long as you indicate that it is due in due time, with a corresponding charge, which may result from the change of name to the new reservation.


Our agency makes every effort to make your trip comfortable and the services you have paid for are listed on the itinerary. But there are cases, we believe, that go beyond our mediating role and that we are unable to anticipate or control such as changes, delays or cancellations of scheduled schedules of any kind. Unforeseen situations may make it necessary to differentiate the program before departure or during the excursion.

1. Prior to departure, the agency reserves the right to modify the itinerary due to irregularities such as delays, cancellations by means of transport, changes in hotel class due to problems with building facilities or improper control of hotel bookings; or even because of emergencies occurring in the country where the trip takes place. Such events are, for example, weather conditions, epidemics, fires, floods, earthquakes, disasters, strikes, political events, war or threat of war, hijackings, terrorist acts, riots, etc.

In these cases the client / traveler has 3 alternatives:

- Accept the change.

- To buy another tour of our office, with offset price.

-Cancel his trip with a refund of all the money paid after deducting administrative expenses.

2. During the journey the commander or local representative has the right to make changes to the itinerary when dealing with an emergency event, such as cancellations or delays of means of transport or even events of force majeure (war, coup, earthquake, etc.). .). All extraordinary expenses (extra nights, meals, transportation, etc.) are borne by the traveler since the nature of these events makes it impossible to predict them.

We will, of course, support and care for our customers, without this being a liability, or an obligation to cover the related one-off costs that will have to be paid by the customers themselves.


Our Company has the right to cancel any trip for the following reasons:

In the event of force majeure events (as mentioned above) at any time. In this case, our agency is obliged to reimburse the participants in full the amount of money they have already paid, excluding administrative expenses, as stated in the cancellation clause.

Limited participation (airline programs require a minimum attendance of 16-20 and for road programs a minimum of 25 persons). In this case our company is obliged to inform the participants 5 days before departure of the tour to return them in full. the amount of money that has already been paid minus administrative costs, as stated in the cancellation clause.

Also in cases of limited participation, the excursion can be made at the expense indicated on the excursion schedule and is not a reason for cancellation. The charge is determined by existing entries and the customer is informed of the additional cost upon booking.

In both cases the customer has the right to purchase another excursion of our Company at the same sale price or cheaper to return the price difference, or more expensive, where he will pay the additional price difference.


Compliance with Instructions.

The traveler is obliged to comply with the itinerary and the instructions of the guides. Organized travel requires a friendly attitude and sociality among travelers, team spirit and understanding of any adversity. Companions need your help in making the journey smooth. A key requirement of any traveler involved in organized travel is to arrive in time for the events of the program. In case of delay and inconsistency, the result for the traveler is the loss of travel or travel or other service without compensation. The traveler must reconnect with the team at his own risk and expense. Excursion expenses etc., which was not followed by the person concerned are not refundable.

Foreign exchange: Travelers are responsible for purchasing, declaring and genuinely declaring a tourist or other exchange with the Greek or foreign customs authorities, as well as other valuables and items that they carry with them, and are required to comply with airport regulations. and national laws during their stay at airports (eg as regards their duties on duty free products). In case the (Greek or foreign) authorities do not return the traveler entry or exit from the country due to incorrect foreign exchange declaration or prosecution or other prohibition (by law, court order, administrative measure etc.), the The office bears no responsibility and the traveler is not entitled to a refund.

Travel Documents: All travel abroad requires a passport valid for at least six months after your scheduled return date. Some countries require travelers' passports to expire at least 3-12 months after arrival. Each traveler is responsible for the validity and validity, securing and retention of travel documents required for his / her travel (passport, visas, vaccination certificates, expatriation permit, visa, etc.). Our Company may, at its sole discretion, serve travelers to secure such documents and is not responsible for any failure to issue or approve them by the competent authorities to which the client must contact.

Failure to secure the timely issue or approval of travel documents does not justify cancellation of the cancellation fee.

The traveler is responsible for booking tickets and generally all travel documents throughout the journey. In the event of loss, the Office bears no responsibility, but will make every effort to assist in their recovery.


Travelers with health problems (older people, pregnant women, people with mobility problems) should inform the agency accordingly and obtain the consent of their physician to travel. In the event that, despite knowing of the health problem they are facing, they are not responsible for any complication of the trip.

The agency bears no responsibility for illness, injury, loss of life, accident or other health emergency during the journey.

Should such an event occur, it will assist and support the sufferer as far as possible, but is under no obligation to cover any related costs (eg hospital costs, doctors, healthcare, relocation, further stay, etc.). Pi.). As the rest of the travelers' journey should continue as normal, those responsible (leaders, guides, agents, etc.) cannot go beyond reasonable limits - as imposed and determined by the need for a smooth continuation of the program of the other members. team - with the sufferer during care, hospitalization, etc.

The Company reserves the right to interrupt the travel of a traveler and arrange for him / her to travel to Greece if he or she or his or her other travelers are at risk in their judgment.

Cancellation of excursion for any extraordinary medical event that occurs to the client before his departure (indicative and not restrictive pregnancy, heart attack, biliary complication, etc.) is charged on cancellation fees. Our office offers optional cancellation insurance at an extremely low additional cost that you can find out when you sign up.

Luggage: Every traveler is entitled to carry with him a suitcase up to 20 kg in weight and a luggage of 53cm X 26cm X 23cm. In air travel the weight of luggage may not exceed (20) twenty kilos and airlines allow only one (5) five luggage baggage in the cabin of the aircraft. In the case of overweight you are required to pay the airline's departure fee at the time of departure. The traveler is obliged to comply with the airline's guidelines, regulations and general airline baggage policy and our Company bears no responsibility whatsoever.

In case of damage or loss or delay of baggage, the airline (and in no case the agency) will reimburse the traveler only for the weight of the baggage, under the Treaty of Warsaw, regardless of the value of the baggage. Therefore do not place high value items on your luggage.


Any complaints should be reported immediately to our Leader or our local representative who will endeavor to satisfy your request. There can be no return complaints without similar protests during the excursion to enable us to take care of what bothers you and is contrary to our original contract.


In accordance with Community and Greek law (Presidential Decree 336/1996) we have insured our professional liability for the non-performance or improper performance of the contract by us with interamerican

The above professional liability insurance has nothing to do with travel insurance and apparently does not cover accidents, health problems etc.

We recommend and recommend to travelers an optional travel insurance package at an extremely low additional cost.This way you will enjoy your stress-free trip for the financial impact of any unexpected - unpleasant events.


Cancellations must be made in writing.

Cancellation 30 days prior to departure: Refund of deposit

Cancellation 29 - 16 days before departure: 50% of the deposit is refundable.

Cancellation of participation 15 - day of departure: 100% deposit is withheld ..

Cancellations are imposed even if you cancel your trip if you wish to participate in the exact same trip but at a future departure.

In case of an emergency, you have the right to assign your trip (valid for extrajudicial travel, visas, etc.) to a third party up to 5 days before departure, provided that:

(a) the conditions for participation are met and the third party accepts the terms of this letter in writing

(b) any costs incurred by this assignment will be paid in addition to our agency.

(c) it is understood that other stakeholders (airlines, hotels, etc.) will accept this change, and

(d) there is no problem in the smooth running of the excursion.


Your participation in any of our trips requires the unconditional acceptance of the general terms and conditions. The terms of the contract between the company and the traveler cannot be amended, supplemented or interpreted except in writing.